15% of proceeds are dedicated to supporting suicide prevention and creating mental health awareness.

Mission Statement

The Unbounded Love That Drives #InfiniteVision

When our son, brother, and friend Taylor unexpectedly passed away, we were left to cope and learn to be strong in his absence.  It is an unmeasurably challenging thing to do, the attempted act of moving forward and memorializing a soul.  To fix an individual to the page with words which, by their limited nature, unerringly fall short.  

How to embody the energy in his step, the light in his eyes, the unbounded love he spread… the joy of his success, the despair of his struggle… the story of his life?

We find the best way to honor him is to absorb his light and energy, and continue to manifest his dreams.  We give our hearts as vessels to carry what is left of him in this world- the impact he had on those whose paths he crossed in the limited time given.  In this way, his growth and progress continue in stride with our own; his legacy lives on.

Through our efforts to fulfill his dreams, it became apparent that Infinite Vision had great potential and needed to be realized.  Taylor spent a lot of time conceptualizing this idea, this brand.  Taylor lived large, and in the moment.  He dwelt at the edge- scaling walls, jumping out of planes, seeking thrills- yet also valued inward meditation and exploring individual potential.  That is what Infinite Vision is all about.  

Infinite Vision represents a way of really living, pushing yourself, peeling back the layers to gain a more full understanding of the interworking of the earth, our emotions, and our relationships.  It meant to Taylor what perseverance means to most people.  It is about seeking the ultimate adventure in everything you do.  It is about facing your challenges head on, and overcoming them, stronger and more determined.  It is about seeing beyond where you currently are, while still experiencing the current moment deeply.  Most importantly, it is about spreading love and providing unconditional support to your tribe, your community, and yourself.

 Infinite Vision is Taylor’s dream, now made reality.  His gift will keep on giving through all of our lived experiences, enhanced by his inspiration.  Taylor imagined that Infinite Vision, as a brand and line of products, would inspire others to love limitlessly, dare to dream… and then go above and beyond those dreams and expectations.  In addition, he wanted his brand to be philanthropic and community-minded, giving back by promoting awareness and supporting non-profit endeavors.  To this end, we will be designating a portion of all proceeds to a number of carefully selected charitable organizations that reflect Taylor’s passions and utilize their contributions responsibly.

We share his conviction and are committed to fulfilling that mission.  We aspire that Infinite Vision will give home to and nurture a culture of support, inclusion, and mindfulness.  We hope his brand will give strength to others and carry him worldwide.  So get out there, seek adventure, love without bounds, and live with Infinite Vision!